Meta numbers 2.1 | Zeno’s paradox 5


Infinity is not a number. Instead, it is a meta number.

Numbers are for counting things. Infinity cannot be used for counting things. Infinity is for counting natural numbers. It is a number of numbers.

Numbers represent what there are. But infinity cannot do so. Infinity is only meaningful as a potential one.

Infinity and infinitesimal are processes, not states. Numbers are points on the number line. Infinity is not a point, but an arrow pointing to the right.

An infinite set is a set with an infinite number of elements. An infinite set is defined as a set that contains a subset which is as large as the set itself. In other words, the elements of the subset can have one-one correspondence to those of the origin set. The whole can have one-one mapping to the part because it is not a state of finished mappings, but a process.

Processes are meta states. Processes describe how an object changes its states. Processes describe not the states, but the changes.

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