Photon dynamics in the double-slit experiment 2

Both photons and material particles such as electrons create analogous interference patterns when passing through a double-slit experiment. For photons, this corresponds to the interference of a Maxwell light wave whereas, for material particles, this corresponds to the interference of the Schrodinger wave equation. Although this similarity might suggest that Maxwell’s equations are simply Schrodinger’s equation for photons, most physicists do not agree. For one thing, they are mathematically different; most obviously, Schrodinger’s one equation solves for a complex field, whereas Maxwell’s four equations solve for real fields. More generally, the normal concept of a Schrodinger probability wave function cannot be applied to photons. Being massless, they cannot be localized without being destroyed; technically, photons cannot have a position eigenstate , and, thus, the normal Heisenberg uncertainty principle does not pertain to photons. A few substitute wave functions have been suggested for the photon, but they have not come into general use. Instead, physicists generally accept the second-quantized theory of photons described below, quantum electrodynamics, in which photons are quantized excitations of electromagnetic modes.

— Wikipedia on Photon

2010.07.29 Thursday ACHK


這段改篇自 2009 年 6 月 30 日的對話。

WCW: 我可能有少許怪自己。

Me: 為什麼呢?

WCW: 因為今次高考(高級程度會考),我其實可以做得更好。

Me: 毋須怪自己。

WCW: 為什麼呢?

Me: 如果是未考的話,你可以思考「如何做得更好?」。但是,你已經考了,又知道了成績。既然已成定局,就無謂那樣想,因為,在任何情況下,你都可以認為「本來可以做得更好」。如果你抱有這種思想壞習慣的話,你拿什麼成績也不會高興(,除非你是科科滿分)。

— Me@2010.07.29

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