Harmonic oscillator 3

After a minute spent with a different colloquium at the following week (whose title was in Latin), Andy Strominger quickly jumps to his main point.

In the early 21st century, black holes seem to play the same universal exploratory role in physics that the quantum harmonic oscillator used to play almost 100 years earlier. The reason of their universal importance is that they’re the simplest and the most complex objects in the Universe at the same moment.

It sounds almost like poetry but it’s actually true although one needs to appreciate many aspects of black holes that general relativity, its semiclassical quantization, and later string theory discovered to appreciate the depth of the summary above.

— Black holes: harmonic oscillators of the 21st century

— Lubos Motl

2012.05.08 Tuesday ACHK

Computer games, 4

Like many software developers, my introduction to programming was my Dad telling me if I wanted to play video games at home, I had to write them first. Tough love hurts. Home game consoles were the gateway drug of choice for parents who imagined their children as young programmers, a sneaky way for parents to trick their lazy game-playing kids into learning BASIC.

— Rediscovering Arcade Nostalgia

— Jeff Atwood

2012.05.08 Tuesday ACHK