Debugging quantum concepts

Reality is a superposition of eigenstates. Even if we use the pilot-wave formalism, in which a particle has definite position or momentum, the pilot wave itself is in a superposition.

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Physics reality is NOT a superposition of eigenstates. If physics reality was a superposition of eigenstates, there would have never been any interference patterns.

For an experimental setup, what is in a superposition is the quantum state, which is a tool for deducing probabilities of different potential measurement results.

“A quantum state is a superposition of eigenstates” just means nothing more than that we need to use individual probabilities of the eigenstates to calculate the probabilities.

A quantum state, which is represented by a wave function, is logical, mathematical, conceptual, and linguistic in nature. A quantum state is NOT physical. A quantum state is NOT reality. A quantum state is NOT directly corresponding to a physical reality (aka observable events, measurement results, etc.)

A quantum state is NOT even corresponding to a probability directly. (If a quantum state was a probability, there would have never been the phenomenon of interference.) Instead, a quantum state is corresponding to a probability amplitude, which is used for calculating probabilities.

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