Timetable for high school study

For preparing HKCEE, HKAL, or other public examinations, you should study for 5 – 7 hours each day. Assume that you have 8 subjects to study:

Chinese + English + Maths + Additional Maths (AMaths) + Physics + Chemistry + Biology + Accounting

You can setup your timetable in this way:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 hours Maths A.Maths Physics Maths A.Maths
1 hour Chinese English Chinese English Chinese
3 hours Chemistry Biology Accounting Chemistry Biology

The details of design of the timetable are

1. The first row is for non-language subjects.

2. The second row is for language subjects.

3. The thirds row is for another non-language subjects.

The principles of design of the timetable are

1. Each day, the first non-language subject and the second non-language subject should be with different natures. In other words, the first row should be mathematical subjects (maths, amaths, physics) and the third row should be non-mathematical subjects (chemistry, biology, accounting). Since mathematical subjects and non-mathematical subjects use different parts of the brain, studying a non-mathematical subject after studying a mathematics would not make the brain too tired.

2. The language subject in the middle acts as a buffer, giving you time for the brain to rest.

3. The timetable is automatic: You do not have to design your timetable eveyday.

The first row is just the mathematical subjects go in a cycle:

Maths –> AMaths –> Physics –> Maths –> AMaths –> …

The second row is just the language subjects go in a cycle:

Chinese –> English –> Chinese –> English –> Chinese –> …

The third row is for non-mathematical subjects go in a cycle:

Chemistry –> Biology –> Accounting –> Chemistry –> Biology –> Accounting …

4. The study of each subject is like Marathon: you should sometimes be fast and sometimes be slow. However, you should never stop. If you stop, it will be very difficult to re-start. Using this timetable, no subject will be put down too long.

Tailor-make the timetable as your like. For example, if you cannot find 7 hours in a day, you can change it from (3 hours + 1 hour + 3 hours) to (2 hours + 1 hour + 2 hours).

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The most important teachers in my life


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