Indefinite and Definite Integration

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Q: When should I use indefinite integration and definite integration? What is their major difference?

Indefinite integration ~ Anti-differentiation

It will give you a function.

額外提示:要驗算的話,你就將你計到的答案 D 一 D(differentiate 一次),看看是否得到題目原本的式子。

Definite integration ~ finding the area under a curve

It will give you a number only, NOT a function.

額外提示:要驗算的話,因為 definite integration 只是出一個數值,你可以把原本的式子,輸入計數機,叫計數機去做 definite integration,運算那個數值給你,看看是否和你的運算結果一樣。


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