Quantum Gravity 3

Any meaningful theory of quantum gravity that makes sense and is predictive at all energy scales must have some deep principle that reduces the infinitely many unknown parameters to a finite number that can then be measured.

* One possibility is that normal perturbation theory is not a reliable guide to the renormalizability of the theory, and that there really is a UV fixed point for gravity. Since this is a question of non-perturbative quantum field theory, it is difficult to find a reliable answer, but some people still pursue this option.

* Another possibility is that there are new symmetry principles that constrain the parameters and reduce them to a finite set. This is the route taken by string theory, where all of the excitations of the string essentially manifest themselves as new symmetries.

— Wikipedia on Quantum gravity

2010.06.04 Friday ACHK

傷逝 5

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迷宮 4

這段改篇自 2010 年 2 月 7 日的對話。



(LWT:如果想不出自己有什麼問題呢? … 有時會知道自己錯,但不知道錯在哪裡,導致不知從何問起。)

不會有「想不出問題」的情況出現的,因為如果真的想不出問題的話,「想不出問題」本身,就是一個問題。那樣,我就可以教你一些方法,有系統、有效率地找出自己有什麼問題。今天我教你的「精讀筆記/Tip Paper」方法,正正是有這個作用:找出自己因為有什麼問題,不知道什麼東西,而導致不懂做題目。 



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