Fourth dimension

Visual scope

Being three-dimensional, we are only able to see the world with our eyes in two dimensions. A four-dimensional being would be able to see the world in three dimensions. For example, it would be able to see all six sides of an opaque box simultaneously, and in fact, what is inside the box at the same time, just as we can see the interior of a square on a piece of paper. It would be able to see all points in 3-dimensional space simultaneously, including the inner structure of solid objects and things obscured from our three-dimensional viewpoint.

— Wikipedia on Fourth dimension

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Choosing a graph

1990-CE-PHY II-1

1990-CE-PHY II-4

1990-CE-PHY II-8

1991-CE-PHY II-3

1991-CE-PHY II-7

1992-CE-PHY II-1

1993-CE-PHY II-5

1994-CE-PHY II-9

1995-CE-PHY II-4

1996-CE-PHY II-4

2000-CE-PHY II-7

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2001-CE-PHY II-7

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2002-CE-PHY II-8

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