Black hole thermodynamics

Beyond black holes

Hawking and Page showed that black hole thermodynamics is more general than black holes, that cosmological event horizons also have an entropy and temperature.

More fundamentally, ‘t Hooft and Susskind used the laws of black hole thermodynamics to argue for a general Holographic Principle of nature, which asserts that consistent theories of gravity and quantum mechanics must be lower dimensional. Though not yet fully understood in general, the holographic principle is central to theories like the AdS/CFT correspondence.

— Wikipedia on Black hole thermodynamics

2010.06.19 Saturday ACHK

Job: Meaning of Life 2


Your life would have no meaning if you just stay at home, using all the time thinking about the meaning of life.


Every day, we face thousands of problems.

In order to survive, we have to create thousands of solutions to those thousands of problems.

Some of your solutions are not only useful for yourself,

but also useful for a lot of others.


Why not publish them?

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