Curry’s paradox 1.2

Paradox 4.2

The resolution of Curry’s paradox is a contentious issue because resolutions (apart from trivial ones such as disallowing X directly) are difficult and not intuitive. Logicians are undecided whether such sentences are somehow impermissible (and if so, how to banish them), or meaningless, or whether they are correct and reveal problems with the concept of truth itself (and if so, whether we should reject the concept of truth, or change it), or whether they can be rendered benign by a suitable account of their meanings.

— Wikipedia on Curry’s paradox

Regarding Curry’s paradox is an unresolved important question is silly.

Paradox is due to the mixing of para-level (meta-level) and original level. As long as we do not allow mixing levels, there are no paradoxes. Every sentence should only be allowed to describe sentences which have lower levels.

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Mirror selves, 2


– 愛默生

After all, the desire for love is the desire for a lifelong intellectual partner.

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原因 2.1

這段改編自 2010 年 4 月 3 日的對話。


最近,我重新再聽李生的《心通識六講》。當中,李生說「原因」在日常生活中,還可能有其他用法 —— 既不是指「先決條件」,亦不是指「充份條件」。






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