Existence, 2

Existence is not a property of an object. It is a property of properties.

For example, when we say “X does not exist”, we do not mean that “there is an X and X has a property of non-existence.” Instead, existence is a property of the collection of other objects.

Existence is a property of the system that X is in. 

X exists

= the system has the component X

= the system has the property of “having X”

X doe not exist

= no systems have the component X

= no systems have the property of “having X”

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Memory 5.3

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Muscles work

Why does holding something up cost energy while no work is being done?

This is about how your muscles work — the’re an ensemble of small elements that, triggered by a signal from nerves, use chemical energy to go from less energetical long state to more energetical short one. Yet, this obviously is not permanent and there is spontaneous come back, that must be compensated by another trigger. This way there are numerous streches and releases that in sum gives small oscillations that create macroscopic work on the weight.

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