The Beginning of Time, 2

Brian Greene continues with all the delusions and delusions, infrequently spiced with a correct proposition. The Big Bang created the arrow of time (the latter has nothing to do with the laws of physics), holy cow. “We don’t know why the Universe started in a low-entropy state,” holy cow. We perfectly know why it did. If it started with a state of a high entropy, we could always ask “what was before that”. The only thing that prevents us from going before a moment is that the moment has the minimal mathematically possible value of the entropy, namely zero.

— The Fabric of the Cosmos II

— Lubos Motl

2013.07.25 Thursday ACHK

無限旅程 4.3

Meaningful 12.3

這段改編自 2010 年 4 月 3 日的對話。










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